by Adam Ford

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Dreamscape is my most experimental release so far, it was hard to combine acoustic and electronic drums, trying to find a way to blend the Organic and Aggressive/Aetherial world of Post-Rock, Chillwave, Post-Metal with the synthethic Nostalgia of 80's Synthwave music.

This is the result of almost 6 months of ideas, work, time, from me and who believed in my talent and music.

Dreamscape is a prequel of Los Angeles Cold Nights, and it talks about the past life of Adam Ford, when he lived in Miami, through the summer vibes, the sun, the hot beaches and the life of a Miami Cop with his wife and his son.

Life is a Lie is an Intro and an Intro for Adam's life too, because as him, you never know when Happiness might end, so live it to the fullest.

Heart talks about how Adam met his Wife, giving you the Miami 80s Summer vibe of an adventurous Love Story.

Sunset Waves is how the life at Miami was, between a wave of Margarita and the hot Summer breeze.

Nights is how the life of a Cop should be, a nice trip on the road, running with your best Friend and the Dream of being father.

Miami Smoke Flavour is the end of Adam's marriage, when you remember that nothing lasts forever, so live it, go on and fight the crime, through a glass of Whiskey and a Marlboro cigarette.

La Fin, is The End in French, where you lose your Wife, where you lose your Son, but you can't lose your Noir vibe, your class, your elegance.
Even if everything has come to an end.

Revolution is when you feel the Vengeance for who killed your loved ones coming down through your veins, when you know that it could have happened, but you never expected it.
Justice sometimes, is the name of who take the weight of the World on his shoulders.

Dronegazer is when you have nothing more than bad memories, bad days, when you live like a dead body.
But you can't give up, you have to fight for what is Right.

Los Angeles Cold Nights, is where you will find your answers to the questions you never asked about.

This is for you, we live in dark and dangerous times, and I hope that through this Light and Dark album, you might find the way to relief your Soul or free yourself from the daily Stress we are living on every day.

Be safe.


Adam Ford


released May 21, 2017

I would like to thank everyone who has been an inspiration down the process for this LP, who supported my bad moments reminding me what does it feels like to live the good ones.

Thank you Jan Platek//We Deserve This, Brian Morgante//FleshandBoneDesign, Mike Motorbike//Full Eclipse, Synthwave Producers, Bruce Malley//Pray for Sound, Gautiér, Oleksandr, Youri, Richard, Lola, Andrea, Valentino, Explosions in the Sky, Timecop1983, FM84, Com Truise, Mitch Murder, Tycho, Washed Out and every Synthwave, Chillwave, Post Rock act, artist or band.
You are what I feel inside my heart every day, thanks for making this life a little better.

Artwork by FleshandBoneDesign.

Guitars played on Life is a Lie, Nights, La Fin, Revolution by me.

Guitars, Bass and Piano played on Sunset Waves and Dronegazer by Jan-Dirk Platek // We Deserve This.
Vocals on Miami Smoke Flavour by Full Eclipse.

Composed, Mixed, Mastered by Adam Ford.

All rights reserved ©



all rights reserved


Adam Ford Turin, Italy

Adam Ford is an ex detective of the Miami and Los Angeles Crime Department, trying to find the truth behind the Illuminati conspiration that slowly ruined his family, friendships, life, leaving him alone in an 80s cyberpunk corrupted world, trying to understand where his place is. ... more

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Track Name: Miami Smoke Flavour (feat. Full Eclipse)

We tried, to keep the fear away
in our perfect home we'd play
we'd live our perfect lives
and try not to look outside

what I'd seen could never be contained
the storm-clouds always came
the dream collapsed, it was never true
the storm came for me and you.

The beach that led towards the blue
toward those rippling lines
within them I found you
we shared the best of times.

The past, got carried in
and buried in the sand
wasn't filtered right
too much to demand
we couldn't keep it out of sight.

We didn't speak of it, but the fuse was lit
and our world turned white.

Yesterday, we never failed to find
a complete scene designed
the perfect pace for love
with the sun and the sky above.

The sun now, hides below the line
it's getting hard to find
the night bleeds away the heat
and our perfect life retreats.

Miami, smoke, flavour